Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fireplace Must Go . . .

While the house looks big from the outside, the actual living space is relatively small (~700 sq feet). The primary living area was in dire need of a space remodel, largely due to a huge wood stove and brick facade that sat smack in the wrong place.

Although it took Gary a few days to mourn the loss of a wood stove, removing it would open up the room and allow a better viewpoint of the ocean. So, with our new masonry chisel and good friend Allyn, we demolished the wood stove in 1 afternoon. Pretty impressive.

I would love to say my first foray into removing wall paper was as rewarding. Following all the "removing wallpaper for dummies" advice, I scored the paper and applied liberal amounts of downy fabric softener to the walls. The result was a soggy floor and only a 2 x 2 foot square of removed wall paper. Definitely not the easy, breezy demo noted on You Tube. My next endeavor is to use steam. Hopefully, I can remove the nasty flower bouquet paper and restore my new kitchen to some sanity.

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