Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ta Da . . .

Ta Da . . . we have buttoned up almost ALL of the outside projects!! The house looks like a whole new building and we are just pleased as punch at the result.



We learned so much along the way . . . how to paint steel doors bold fun colors, adding front door lights on a unlevel surface, how to deal with difficult individuals, the ins and outs of concrete block weatherproofing.

The crew surverying their domain

New bulkhead corner

New bulkhead corner

Front view of house (my favorite)

New front entrance

The only thing that we would redo in the future is to paint the bottom of the house a different color. Something to heighten the contrast between floors/materials, but it was just too bold of a step for the 1st paint job.

We are just super excited at our progress and are wiping our brows that we did it all before winter.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I know that Gary hates these posts, but I like to use them to see what I really like.  The whole search for a place on the coast came from a fun development off of Pacific Beach, Washington called Seabrook.  They are a planned coastal community of various sized houses dedicated to "fun on the beach" and almost every house is immaculately designed for vacation renters.  

Anyways, today I was pursuing their website to see what fun new houses had come on the market and decided to "save" some of the photos.  

While the bathroom design is not my cup of tea, the colors are!

Focus on the chairs and the half console + awesome lamp

I love this type of table . . . white with a bench!

These are the colors I want to have in the living room!

Can we say "What a set of pendant lights!!"
White counter tops, nautical pendant, eye catching wine rack
Don't you feel like you are in a boat?

Bedroom colors and love the couch!

The bench caught my eye
A nice version of twin over full . . . its that fun lamp again.

Nice to see beds, beds, beds not looking too shabby