Friday, July 22, 2011

Wall Transformation . . .

The only thing I really disliked about our cabin decor was the wood paneling. While there are many out there who love the look of "natural wood", I am not one of those. Especially if that wood paneling means the interior of the room looks dark and dim . . . I love light, light, light. Lucky for me, the pine wall paneling was so battered that even my husband relented and helped me spackle and prime the walls.

Gary and Wes, spackling the walls

Having no idea if a smoker ever lived in the cabin or what the walls had been treated with, we went full out on the prep work. Yes, I know if you use an oil based primer you probably don't need to sand the walls . . . BUT having read multiple blogs on mistakes that can happen I didn't want to take any chances. So, we lightly sanded down the walls until midnight, then washed them down with a little soap and water, and let them dry overnight. Next up was the oil-based primer . . . and it coated everything!! Thankfully, our friend Brian showed up to help with the tall stuff.

Brian reaching for the ceiling!!

The finished product looks a little rough, but it definitely covers all the walls problems. Being a visual person, its very exciting to see the transformation of the space and it's potential once color is added . . . now the question is, "What color are the walls going to be?"

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