Thursday, July 28, 2011

Marshmellow Fluff . . .

Trivia time . . .

Question: What does Kraft marshmellow fluff and our CMU first floor have in common?

Answer: A cement sealer called "Loxon"

The bottom of the cabin is made up of cement-masonry units (CMU) and has been scoured by the sea/wind/weather until many patches are bare. After weeks of research and multiple emails to Sherwin Williams, we found the product we needed "Loxon". It's a cement sealer for damaged or new cement walls, generally used in commerical buildings.

Having researched the data sheet, 1 gallon covers only 150 square feet . . . this should have tipped us off to the consistency. However, we blindly opened the Loxon to find that the stuff resembled marshmellow fluff. Seriously, after hours of working with it, I began to theorize on its origins. Here is my take . . .

"One starry night , a random paint guy was roasting marshmellow while drinking a little too much tequila and he had a brillant thought -- what if I cross marshmellows with paint -- could this be a great product?"

Anyways, despite its negative qualities this stuff really covers well.

Bare CMU patches that need a little TLC

Gary painting our blocks

The checkerboard effect

Emily, battling marshmellow fluff and shifting sand

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