Bathroom Before/After

I kick myself on a regular basis for not taking better "before" pictures and the bathroom is a prime example.  When we bought Fairwinds the bathroom was in big disarray . . . the shower tile was crudy and crooked due to water damage, the toilet was disgusting, the towel racks were warped, there was no baseboard trim, etc etc etc.  Now it looks so good a recent appraiser noted our "newly remodeled" bathroom as part of the cabin update.

Step 1: Bathroom that looks okay at first glance, but needs lots of love after closer inspection

Step 2: CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN and then add a new floor & paint door an amazing blue color.  Let me tell you how much a steam cleaner and a screwdriver can really help in a cruddy bathroom.  I also purchased this multi-colored rag rug at a local Edmonds store called Housewares, I felt its fun flare would add to the bathroom's dullness.

Step 3: Remove major fixtures and PAINT, PAINT, PAINT.  If all you can do for a room is paint it . . . do it!!  Paint is relatively cheap and it can change a room dramatically.  I painted the vanity my favorite Benjamin Moore white "Simply White" in semi-gloss and then after priming the walls with a oil based sealer, kept up my creamy cabin color palette with "Filtered Sunlight" in a pearl finish.

Step 4: Add finishing touches.  In the spirit of fun, I purchased a great shower curtain that basically has become the focal point for the bathroom.  I also was able to hunt out some great deals on chrome towel fixtures and a $5 oval mirror that I thought would look more stylish/updated.  Now all I need is some art work and a few more places to hang towels.

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