Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bathroom Update -- Part Two . . .

Yes, its going to be a series of updates for a while, since we are not always able to complete our tasks in one weekend.  However, I do promise a full before/after bathroom tab as soon as we are totally done. 

Some comments on the bathroom . . . its fun, its colorful, its fully functional!!  I chose "Filtered Sunlight" by Benjamin Moore for the walls in a pearl finish (never heard of pearl finish, neither had I, but apparently it sits between satin and semi-gloss -- perfect for bathroom walls).  Once the paint job had cured for a whole 24 hours (hah), we couldn't resist getting a shower at the cabin.  Heaven. 

Sunny yellow makes a world of difference!

The 3 colors work really well together!

Tah Dah!!  Colorful display!

Shower curtain a nod to Mt. Vernon Flower Fields
I am just falling in love with my bathroom!!

Window Trimming -- Part Two . . .

The bedroom and kitchen windows are now officially trimmed and awaiting a final coat of paint to complete the project.  Let me just say "WOW" they make a world of difference. 



My Handy Man!!
Now we only have the big picture windows in the main room plus all of the other upper windows that we are desperately ignoring . . . just the thought of painting all that trim is making me dizzy.  Good thing its worth it!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trimming Out Windows . . .

Our next "big" project is to trim out the new windows.  While this task may sound small, it will make a world of difference towards a finished cabin look.  After searching through multiple magazines and examples, we decided to go with a simplified colonial look.  Ideally, we would love to use some of the more modern trims we saw . . . but they would be too large and heavy for the cabin plus be too expensive. 

The primary goal is good looking windows -- the second goal is using materials that will not rot in the "sea air".  To that end, we are doing the budget friendly mix and match -- hardwood for the extension jambs and sill with MDF for the inside trim.  Kuddos to anyone who knows what "extension jambs" means!!!  (This term took Gary a while to find)

We decided to use the back bedroom as our test ground. Gary got out his non-expanding foam for insulating the windows and started to insulate -- until he realized that the foam did expand, and expand, and expand.  We ended up with goopy, yellow mess, but were able to clean it up and move onto cutting/installing trim pieces.  Let me know what you think . . .

Expanding - non expanding yellow foam! YIKES!

The improvement is AMAZING!!

Finished window
The only question now is regarding the header . . . does it look too small or would a bigger size be "top heavy"?  At first, I wanted to go up a size on the top, but the problem is the depth would change.  Then, I thought "butt stop" (yes my vocabulary is expanding on this project), but then the top would look exactly like the bottom.  Gary's vote is too keep it like it is . . . what do you guys think??

Bathroom in Progress . . .

The Bathroom . . . runner up for room needing major rehaul! 

However, in looking over the budget and deciding where to really invest time/money, the bathroom will just have to wait.  Its functional -- you can take a shower, although the back wall is water damaged causing minor tile problems -- you can use the toilet, although it looks like it was installed years ago -- you can use the sink, although there corroded sink fixtures and a weird hole that leads to somewhere . . .

All of these problems aside, a fresh coast of paint, a little fan rewiring and removal of old hardware will go a long ways to improving the room.  I had already painted the vanity white (it will go later) and the new floor was installed.  Next, we removed the warped wood towel racks -- can anyone tell me why someone installs wood towel racks in a steamy, moisture ridden space??  Gary plastered all the holes created and then found multiple old dry wall patches gone wrong and patched those to the best of his ability. 

On Sunday morning we discovered that the mirror was not glued to the wall, rather just held in place in 4 brackets -- getting it off the wall was a cinch (yippee).  We removed the fan's hack job of wiring and will need to rewire up through the attic at a later point.

Then I went to work prepping the area for primer.  I used Zinzer stain block and some left over oil-based primer to really lock in all the stains and yuckies into the wall.  Even with just a coat of primer, the place looks a million times improved!!  I am also excited because I found a new oval mirror at a rummage sale for $5 and towel racks at half price at a going out of business sale -- yippee.

Enough talk . . . here are some pictures

Before, putty holes and all!!

Prego painter extraordinaire!
Bathroom half-way done!