Friday, July 22, 2011

My Idea Post . . .

Many people keep asking me, "How are you going to decorate?" Holy Moly, what a question . . . one I am constantly asking myself too. So, before I get to overwhelmed, I decided to do a photo tour.

What is a photo tour? Well, back when we painted our house in Shoreline, I did a photo run-by of all the houses in our neighborhood that I loved. From my collage of photos, I discovered the 3 elements that I really liked . . . so I am applying the same system to decorating Fairwinds.

Does anyone sense a "theme" . . . white, beachy, blue/ceylon, sage green, plain backgrounds with funky, graphical prints.

Okay, so I am going for funky-relaxed-beach house-fun!!!

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