Kitchen Before/After

The kitchen in the cabin is perhaps the most radically changed room over the past year.  It started out with dingy wall paper, strange florescent lights, and dated appliances.  Here on this page, I hope you can see the transformation we've made . . .

 STEP 1:  1970s Wallpaper hide everything Kitchen

STEP 2: Remove wallpaper and paint walls Benjamin Moore "Linen White" in Egghsell and cabinets in BM "Simply White" in semi-gloss.  Not my favorite project and the results really so-so, I would probably recommend having your home cabinets professionally sprayed if you want a really top-notch job, but for a cabin they will do just fine.

STEP 3: Remove stained, disgusting lineoleum and replace with new vinyl product by Armstrong called Cushionstep in a "spice maple" pattern. Its amazing what a difference those floors really made!!

STEP 4: Add back in all removed items, including brand new fridge, stove and above-range microwave.  Kitchen table is added to gauge dimensions. 

STEP 5: Place all appliances flush against wall, clean countertops off of construction clutter, deep-clean cabinets and re-paper shelves for dishes.  The best feature so far  ** I love ** is that the microwave-stove combo looks like they were meant for each other . . . ahhh.

STEP 6: Small details . . . add functional light fixture above sink, trim in window and add a beautiful butcher block countertop from IKEA for the floating cabinet.