Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Painting without fear . . .

Okay, okay so the title really should read . . . "We're back, we never left, we were just so busy we forgot to update our blog!!"  However, I am actually happy to report that we are almost done with all the major projects and are now just onto small ones.  Don't worry those who love to listen to my absurd ramblings and hang breathless on my every project . . . next year brings the bathroom remodel and new counter tops (I'm already salivating with the thought)!

To get back on topic . . . painting without fear.  So, I thought my joy of painting could extend no further at the cabin - I had painted previously wallpapered walls, more wood planking then I care to recall, trim, doors, and the list goes on, but I never even considered painting a washer & dryer.   Yes, you heard me . . . a washer & dryer.

First - thank you Allyn & Richelle for casually mentioning you had your old washer & dryer and were trying to get rid of them.  Here are the before pictures . . . 

Completely functional, totally usable washer & dryer, but with a need for a cosmetic lift.  After searching the internet for any hint of my wild idea, I found I was not alone . . . its not a big group that says "hah, let's paint our washer tonight" but were out there. 

Now, I don't think I would do it the same again, but the job is sufficient for the 1-2 years these babies will last.  The main improvement for the whole prep process would be to invest in some good old rustoleum primer for metal.  The paint job looks fantastic, but its not really immune to dents.

Here it is after . . . how pretty!!

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