Friday, July 22, 2011

The First Campout . . .

This past weekend was our first official overnight stay at the cabin. We packed up the car with the girls, overnight gear, new bright pink deck chairs, lots of tools, a steamer and high hopes for the weekend.

Girls' picnic a la living room

The plan was to get the living room walls ready to be painted, continue the wallpaper saga, and meet with the contractors. All in all the weekend was a success AND we got to learn why the area is called "Sunset Beach".

Katie in the Tub

The Progress in the Kitchen

The only downer was a huge migraine headache that hit "Painter Extraordinaire Emily" on Sunday, but she was still able to play with the kids on the beach (hmmm).Big thanks to Katie and Wes, who almost single handily removed most of the wallpaper!!

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