Friday, September 2, 2011

Construction Update . . .

Warning here comes the typical house renovation diatribe . . . in every project there comes a time when, one or both individuals, becomes fed up with the delays and the oopsy events that are a normal part of renovation. We hit that about 3 weeks ago!! Maybe it was the whole contractor-money tango or the fact that summer is quickly fading that spurred the "holy moly, why are we doing this?" Luckily, there are 2 of us and eventually we were able to talk ourselves back to reality . . .

Or maybe the view helped us back?

Anyways, the siding is almost 100% complete, the windows are all installed, and the house is only awaiting trim and painting. A few of the more noteworthy "oopsy events" were:

(1) Our contractor accidentally cut off the outside grounding wire.

(2) The nails used around the windows and doors have already started to rust - so "countersink and caulk" came to the rescue.

(3) The downstairs door fell off - meaning, it literally fell off!!

(4) The contractor forgot to make a kitchen vent in the siding - this did turn into a blessing

(5) When going to paint the outside doors, after much prep work, we found the paint had gone bad

Despite all of these setbacks, we are still "Thumbs up" right now about buttoning the place up before fall hits.

Looking way better Fairwinds! In fact, I think the neighbors are even more excited than we are! Still to come garage prep work 101.

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