Friday, October 12, 2012

You Gotta Wear Shades . . .

Yes, I know its a corny title, but it's fitting.  After a sunshine filled August, September and oh yes  October, we decided that high on our list of projects were window coverings.  Gary really spearheaded this effort . . .  I merely made color choices. 

We decided on blinds for the bedrooms, the really thick kind that look like wood, but are more budget friendly.  The goal was a nice "cottage" look with the ability to decrease light from passing cars.  While the product looks nice, we would probably not go with this choice again . . . the slates don't close all the way and hence let in light & the number of strings per blind is outrageous.  (In future purchases I think we might go for light blocking honeycombs). 

Crooked, but nice look

See how you still see the light - hmmm
In the living room, however, the choice of roller shades is a HUGE hit!!! They are unobtrusive, allow some light in while blocking out the direct sun rays that blind people, and still allow you to appreciate the view.  Our floors and furniture are also very happy to not be glared at on a regular basis (hah hah)!

With and without -- lovely

Nice and unobtrusive -- melds into the background!!

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