Thursday, September 8, 2011

Camping Out in Fairwinds . . .

Someday, down the road, the girls will wonder, "What was it like camping out in our beach cabin?" Well girls, here is a little tour of cabin camping summer of 2011.

The girls had no beds, so they managed to move around A LOT. We often found them in odd, strange places . . . generally near walls.

The living room decor was quite "rustic". All through the summer, each piece of furniture moved to every room in the cabin for various uses. However, at the end of each weekend, the furniture was ALWAYs returned to the "potential" layout.

The "kitchen" consisted of 2 coolers, a much needed electric grill, and a coffee maker that really only brewed hot water. All utensils and plates were stored in a "grocery bag".

The view from the sink is still fabulous and I have figured out that if you brew hot water and then add some left over to the cold dish water, you actually might get a decent temperature for greasy dishes. I also would recommend my reheat waffles and pancakes method, makes mornings so much easier.

This week I am tackling the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Its been a BIG learning process, but I think the results will be amazing!!!

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