Monday, December 5, 2011

The Walls are Off . . .

Its amazing how true the old adage "you first have to make a mess before you can really clean up" can be. Now that the outside of the house has been torn apart and rebuilt, its time to do the same for the inside of the cabin. The next 2 big projects are flooring and drywalling the bedrooms.

At first, we thought of just leaving the fake wood paneling intact, but after hearing what we thought were carpenter ants and the need to re-wire the baseboard heaters to a wall controller, it became necessary to remove it all. We found a lot of good things in that demo job . . . (1) no evidence of active carpenter ants, (2) Insulation on the outside walls, and (3) hidden storage above the closets in both rooms. We also discovered that the water leak/rot along the shower area was smaller than expected and should be easy to get to via the bathroom side. The next task is to obtain sheet rock up for the walls and investigating how to "mud and tape".

Hidden storage space above closet

While Gary was doing most of the demo work, I was working on some smaller projects . . . i.e. painting the interior doors. I was able to finish the garage-to-house door, although I think I will have spots I need to retouch. I'm realizing I leave lots of little areas undone and will need to have a "details" paint party in the future. On a more fun note, I painted the bedroom/bathroom doors an amazing ocean-like aqua called "Drizzle" by Benjamin Moore. If anyone likes the color, please please take the rest of my paint, I have almost a full gallon left.

Gary also found a great black Friday deal on an over-the -range microwave and installed it on Sunday. To celebrate we had Trader Joe mini-quiches for lunch. Unfortunately, the outlet he aimed for is out of power for "unknown" reasons. I personally want the cord to run through only 1 cabinet and so am canvasing votes for a new outlet above the cabinetry. Don't you all think it would be cleaner and nicer to have a fat, microwave cord hidden above? If you answer yes, please tell Gary!!!

We are just praying for a clear day next weekend so we can haul the drywall and the under-layment for the floor to the cabin. If anyone wants to help, please let us know . . . Gary's a little worried that I'm his only helper (hey I'm strong, well maybe not that strong)!

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