Friday, January 27, 2012

Drywall Complete . . .

The inside of the cabin has finally taken one step further towards completion . . . after ripping out every bedroom wall and insulating, our drywall guy "Vinny" stepped in and made them look like real bedrooms. He even painted them for us, which saves us a ton of time and is well worth the money!! Here is the before picture . . .

Now the rooms look like "real bedrooms"!! I had no idea how much the wood was draining the "brightness" out of the rooms until everything was painted (Benjamin Moore - Linen White). There is also a sneak peak of our interior doors - I went BOLD. My favorite change is the master bedroom closet alcove. Before, I thought of it as the "yucky tunnel to dirtdome", now its my favorite space that I am happy to store stuff in.

My loves, the blue doors

Look at the beauty of drywall!!!

The closets - so worth the extra $$

"The Alcove"

Other than some angst over the outlets being pushed in and one bowed piece by a window, it was a good job. Gary was really excited about putting in the new outlet covers - now the house will not electricute anyone! The only concern we now have is . . . what to do with the drywall we purchased. Its currently taking up precious garage space.

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