Saturday, July 7, 2012

Butcher Block Countertops . . .

Thank you IKEA!!  Although it took 2 trips to IKEA to obtain my solid beechwood counter top, I think the result looks fabulous.  Now, we will see how it holds up to the general wear and tear of a beach cabin. 

The original counter top was a close match to the existing material used by the sink and stove, however, it was not secured to the cabinet.  During our brainstorming session on "how to secure a counter top we don't really like", I ran across the pre-made butcher block tops at IKEA.  It had a a lot of pros going for it . . . it was solid wood, it came in beech and oak, the dimensions were close to perfect, and the price. 

The next step after installation was treating it with oil (something I forgot to investigate -- lucky for me I have an amazingly resourceful hubby).  So instead of another trip to IKEA for the fruitwood oil they recommend, we used food grade mineral oil . . . you know the kind found in the laxative aisle at the grocery store.  It seemed to absorb in just fine.  Here are the before and afters . . .

Before -- note "unlidded" kitchen cabinet
After -- just oiled
Overview of kitchen so far!

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