Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Sea Garden . . . Maybe

We have officially "weathered" our first winter of storms at Fairwinds!! Granted, I think we got off pretty easy this year with only a couple of big storms. The ability of water and wind to move the sandy yard around is quite amazing. Below is a couple of re-cap pics of the "driftwood/debris sea" that flowed across our side yard and into our driveway.

In attempting to be good stewards of our little plot o' land, we are trying to put into place some key erosion plants. The weather was beautiful this past weekend and so we were able to finish planting all the bareroot "twigs" we purchased at the Snohomish Native Plant sale. Some of these plants look really, really wimpy . . . so we are really testing their hardiness factor! We opted for key shore plants: ocean spray, snowberry, shore pines, and hooker's willow.

You need to look really really carefully at this last picture to really appreciate how many plants went into the ground ( I think its 25). Okay, so you really can't see any of the plants except the shore pines, but believe me they are present!! If nothing else, we created a pretty fun driftwood wall and path. The true test will be to see if this survives the spring or if we end up again with the first pictures posted.


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