Friday, March 23, 2012

Small Things . . .

Sometimes in life the "small things" really do make a big difference. Last weekend, once we finished planting our stick garden, we started in on some mini-projects. First on the list, hook up and clean the stove so that we can really start cooking!! Next, was to test the stove . . . of course in my chocoholic family that meant brownies.

On Sunday morning, Gary took a picture of Claire and I in our "real kitchen". We had spent the previous evening cleaning off all the counters, squeezing cabinet paper into the right places and aligning up all the appliances into their correct positions.

Gary was also excited to hang up the handmade sign I made for the Fairwinds this Christmas. I must say, once the sign went up I got a thrill -- one step closer to a finished place. For anyone who wants to know how I made this sign, please head over to a pinterest challenge

We also tested out our Ikea "I know its not the same sofa" slipcover on the love seat. It looks like the body will fit just fine with minor adjustments, but I will be calling on my friend Laurel (aka amazing seamstress woman) to help me make the pillows work. All I can say is for only $40 per slipcover, I will make it work.

Last, on the small things hit list was installation of the closet lights. This project just made Gary happy.

I am so glad to be onto small projects. It allows us time to really play with the girls and at night we can sit at the kitchen table with a hot cup of tea reading/dreaming about future plans.

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