Friday, March 9, 2012

Updated Kitchen and Landscaping . . .

Yes, I know kitchens and landscaping really are not related, however that was the project task for last weekend. Now that the new floors are installed we wasted no time searching for new appliances . . . oh to have a working fridge and stove (drooling happening right now). We managed to score a great Craig's List deal on the stove, but did break down and buy a newer outlet fridge from Sears. Needless to say, they still make me happy no matter what the cost.

Our good friends, Wes and Katie, were kind enough to come back out and help with the heavy lifting and heavy kid entertaining.

Wes, holding up his end of the bargain!!

Katie and the girls having a good time!!

The fridge nicely covers up the odd wall installation done in the corner and the stove looks like it belongs. Next weekend I get to clean the stove . . . not so fun . . . and Gary gets to figure out how to connect 1960s plug to 2000 generation stove.

Girls in the "NEW" kitchen/dining room

Now onto a completely different topic - LANDSCAPING. Yes, many of you are wondering why in the world would you "landscape" an always changing, sandy pit. Our primary goal is to decrease sand erosion and to help divert storm water flow to the correct place (the road and NOT our garage). Lucky for me I have an amazing husband who can Internet search just about anything. Gary managed to find both a marine landscaping map of native plants for Washington + the yearly Snohomish native plant sale website. After comparing the 2 websites, we placed our order and picked up our plants at the Monroe Fairgrounds.

For those of you interested the plant sale is an annual event run by the Snohomish Conservation District, its a great organization with loads of great deals on native plants . . .

Baby shore pines all in a row!

Gary's new babies!!

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