Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trimming Out Windows . . .

Our next "big" project is to trim out the new windows.  While this task may sound small, it will make a world of difference towards a finished cabin look.  After searching through multiple magazines and examples, we decided to go with a simplified colonial look.  Ideally, we would love to use some of the more modern trims we saw . . . but they would be too large and heavy for the cabin plus be too expensive. 

The primary goal is good looking windows -- the second goal is using materials that will not rot in the "sea air".  To that end, we are doing the budget friendly mix and match -- hardwood for the extension jambs and sill with MDF for the inside trim.  Kuddos to anyone who knows what "extension jambs" means!!!  (This term took Gary a while to find)

We decided to use the back bedroom as our test ground. Gary got out his non-expanding foam for insulating the windows and started to insulate -- until he realized that the foam did expand, and expand, and expand.  We ended up with goopy, yellow mess, but were able to clean it up and move onto cutting/installing trim pieces.  Let me know what you think . . .

Expanding - non expanding yellow foam! YIKES!

The improvement is AMAZING!!

Finished window
The only question now is regarding the header . . . does it look too small or would a bigger size be "top heavy"?  At first, I wanted to go up a size on the top, but the problem is the depth would change.  Then, I thought "butt stop" (yes my vocabulary is expanding on this project), but then the top would look exactly like the bottom.  Gary's vote is too keep it like it is . . . what do you guys think??

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